Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dance Recital 2014

On June 1st the girls had their very first dance recital!! For just turning 3 (the requirement is be 3 before they start but the girls did great that Miss Audrey let them in being just 2.5) they did so well, they preformed the majority of their ballet dance and all of their tumbling. It was so fun to watch them and these young ones, they really do steal the show!! Their tumbling dance was to "Alladin" and their pre-ballet was to a song from Beauty and the Beast. 

{Jossy doing her tumbling pass}
 {Julianne's big smile!}
 {Jewels and Jillian, one of their helpers}

 {the tumbling finale}
 {Jocelyn during her ballet}
 {both girls}

 {Julianne...already has the facial expressions down!!}

 {The finale!!!}

What a great show and they can't wait to get started again in August with year #2!! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pre-K Graduation!!

On May 21st the boys had their preschool graduation! They were sooo excited and worked hard on their songs and were excited to start summer break!  I got some pictures of the kids before the ceremony and was able to record it and take lots of pictures as Jon had to be out of town and missed it that morning. We're so proud of you both and so happy for this next chapter in your lives to begin.  You will do great in kindergarten Jackson & Joel!! 

{Jackson...completely over pictures!!}