Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa

We had a wonderful Christmas! We started our Christmas celebrations on Christmas Eve Day in Marshalltown celebrating with Jon's parents. The kids were excited to spend the day there and see everyone. We all got spoiled and the kids especially. Here are some pictures of the day! 

{Jossy excited about her new Diego doll...she sleeps with it every night!}
{And of course the big items for the boys this year were Legos!}
{Grandma opening a present!}
{Ahhh the dreamlights....the girls were soooo excited about these!!}

{Jossy helping Grandpa!}
We hung out and played and of course had to put some Legos together and then we all got ready and headed to church at 4:30. After we were done we headed to a little lodge that the family rented to have Christmas with the extended family there. It was nice having it there so the kids could run and play. They had a great time playing!! 

{Julianne LOVES Larrs}

{This year for the gift exchange we just bought gifts for the kids...they loved opening up something. Most of the adults chose to not to the gift card exchange but some did and they had fun with that as usual too!} 

What a great Christmas Eve celebration we had with everyone!! We then headed back to our place and sprinkled out our reindeer food, put out milk and cookies and carrots for the Santa and the reindeer, we all opened our new PJs (Christmas Eve tradition) and then read the Night Before Christmas...the kids all went to bed excited for Santa's arrival!! 

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