Tuesday, January 6, 2015


We had a wonderful Christmas day...in 31 years we've ALWAYS gone somewhere for Christmas, a grandma's house, etc but this year we had NO plans and it was sooo nice to be able to spend Christmas at home lounging all day letting the kids play with all their new toys and just hanging out as a family. That evening we headed over to my parents to say hi because in 31 years I've NEVER NOT seen my parents on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day...so we all headed over there after supper and said hi, the kids were excited to see Nana and Papa and share about all their new goodies!! 

{Joel opening his stocking}
 {Jackson opening his stocking}
 {Jocelyn in her Paw Patrol jammies opening her stocking up!}
 {Julianne checking out her new lip gloss in her stocking!}
 {Jackson opening up some Legos from Santa}
 {Oh LOVE Jewel's face....she got the only thing she asked Santa for...a purple horsey!!}

 {All 4 kiddos on their new bikes from Santa!} 
 {All the Legos from Santa!}
 {Jossy riding her new Spiderman bike!}
 {All the chaos afer opening Santa presents. We took a little break and had breakfast and then opened gifts from Jon and I. That was nice and it broke it up for the kids!}

Such a great Christmas and the kids LOVED everything!! 

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