Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Girls' room redo...out with the old in with the new!!

When we moved into our house, a year and a half ago, it was all about Minnie Mouse and so of course we embraced that and I painted some nice white polka dots on one of the girls' walls. We had just transitioned from crib to toddler beds before we moved in and we wanted some white beds so we found some white toddler beds. Here are some of the "before" pictures! 

 AND just in the last month we bought white bunk beds for the girls and decided to get rid of the Minnie Mouse as they are clearly over that and go with a "grown up" girly room that can grow with them...until they each are ready for their own room! 

We went with a gray wall color as I had found their bedding first, which I bought on for about $68 for the entire SET (I'd found one I liked on Pottery Barn Kids a little bit better but it was $189 JUST for the comforter...that didn't include the pillow shams! And with two sets of twins sometimes it's more about what is more reasonably priced!) 
 The little pink chair I got at was a MUST have when the girls saw it and frankly for me too, it was just too cute!! The flower print I got at Hobby Lobby as well as the bag hooks. And unlike the boys, the girls didn't have any cute pictures of themselves up so I ordered a couple 11x14 prints and got some rustic white frames from Kohls. 
 Of course I had to keep a baby picture up...just switched out the frames, the same matching white rustic ones but in an 8x10 size. The little shelf came from Target to hold some of their little things and the pink tub from Hobby Lobby. 
 I had their names embroidered on their pillow shams as I did when we redid the boys' room from The Strawberry Patch in Ankeny. 

 I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out...a big thanks to my mama who helped me decide where to hang things on the wall! And the girls LOVE it too!! Currently Jocelyn is on the top bunk and Julianne on the bottom as Julianne tends to get up and potty a few times in the night whereas Jocelyn does a better job of holding it! 

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