Friday, February 6, 2015

Snowflake Princess Ball!!

Last Saturday the girls along with my mom and I headed to their 2nd Little Princess Parties ball. This one...the Snowflake Ball starring Anna and Elsa from Frozen!! The girls wore their new dresses they got for Christmas and we dolled up their hair and they were looking adorable!!

{Jocelyn as Anna & Julianne as Elsa}

 Jewel's hair isn't quite long enough for an Elsa braid so we curled it up and did a cute little side pony...she looked adorable!! 
 I even did the Anna coronation hairdo in Jossy's hair...she was SOOOO excited!! It wasn't quite long enough to do the loop around the back but a little claw with the ribbons was 2nd best...she looked so darn cute!! 
 {Elsa and Anna with Jossy & Jewels}
 {Julianne's favorite...Rapunzel...when Rapunzel came out Julianne said, "She looks beautiful!"}
 {the girls with Tinkerbell}
 {Love Julianne's face here...this is what makes the balls soo worth it for me, seeing their little faces all excited about all of the princesses makes me a little teary-eyed!}
 {Joss and Jewels with Princess Aurora!}
 {Jewels and Jossy with Belle....after Belle came out Jewels said, "She is the MOST beautiful!" 
 {Jossy dancing....for a girl who is sooo into "boy stuff" like Paw Patrol, Spiderman, etc. she had the BEST time!!}
 {Jossy sitting by Rapunzel during the story!}
 {the girls dancing together}

 {Jossy would NOT leave her "twin" Anna, alone the whole was sooo darn cute!!}

 My mom and I had such a great time with the girls...this was the last shot of the night before we braved the snow storm and headed home! 

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