Monday, November 9, 2015

Elementary Relays 2015

In an effort to "get everyone up to speed" on our lives we're continuing on this week with some "old" posts! I did get pictures of all these important events but have been bad about blogging!!

The last week of school the boys had their Elementary Relays. Each grade wears a different colored shirt and they "parade" around the track with banners they've made (like the Olympics) and then compete in various events. You follow your kids around on the infield of the track and outside of it and watch them participate. It's a fun time and I remember doing this exact same thing when I was in elementary school. 

{Jackson and some other kindergartners}
{the girls were too cool to watch, they played on the playground the whole time!}
Before the events started the choir sang the nataional anthem

{Joel doing the softball throw}
{Jackson with some of his friend}

Jackson doing the softball throw
The standing jump...kinda like long jump but the kindergartners don't run and then jump


Quick little 40 yard dash

Sack races!


Nana and Papa came to watch the boys and so did Grandma and Grandpa but they were helping watch the girls

Another little relay of taking the bean bag and putting it in the hoop and then picking it up as fast as you can

Me with the boys - Joel & Jackson

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